9/11 Memorial & Museum Touchscreen Kiosk

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9/11 Memorial Touchscreen Kiosk: Home

Home Screen 9/11 Memorial Touchscreen Kiosk

The 9/11 Memorial Touchscreen Kiosk was released on the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks; it sits in the museum adjacent to the memorial site. The kiosk allows visitors to record a 3 minute audio story about where they were when the attacks happened. Their story is then added to the official archive.

My role was UX and Creative Direction. I used the Museum’s basic telephone call-in script as a starting point to create the wireframes, then I built out the graphic design. I also worked with the programming team to get it realeased (we were on an extremely short timeline, we didn’t get the green light to begin until August, and as you can imagine it had to be live by Sept 11).

Wires for 911 Memorial Kiosk (PDF)

Use the 9/11 Memorial Touchscreen Kiosk by visiting the 9/11 Memorial & Museum »

9/11 Memorial Touchscreen Kiosk: Record Screen Countdown

Record Screen Countdown


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